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Συγγραφέας Κιαφη Γεωργία

Το ημερολόγιο διατειθεται στα αγγλικα

Chinese Almanac 2020 - the book of auspicious days

The year of the Rat

This book contains valuable information about Feng Shui

Feng Shui advice for the year 2020 and each mounth separately

(Flying Stars, Grand Duke Jupiter, Clash, 3 stars)

Where to avoid renovation & construction during; 2020. each month and each day

Find out what 2020 holds for you, by articles written by Grand Master Raymond Lo:


  • Predictions For the year of Rat 2020
  • Predictions for each Chinese animal for each mounth

You will also learn how to do Date Selection for all your important activities in 2020 using correctly the Tung Shu and refined Date Selection Techniques such as:

  • best day and hour selection according your own Chinese animal

• good & bad activities for each day according the traditional Tong Shu

• the days that have clash and 3 Shars relationship with the year & month

  • the 4 separation, the 4 termination days of the year
  • best, average and bad hour for each day



This book is a valuable help to achieve a successful and harmonious year 2020

Chinese Almanac 2020

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